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Colombia Supremo by ASK COFFEE ROASTERY 100% Arabica Coffee Beans (SINGLE ORIGIN)

Colombia Supremo by ASK COFFEE ROASTERY 100% Arabica Coffee Beans (SINGLE ORIGIN)

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SINGLE ORIGIN is coffee that comes from one region or field or country. Usually single origin has its own unique taste notes and the result depends on how the coffee beans are processed after they are picked.

Usually single origin is drunk by manual brewing/V60. However, single origin from ASK COFFEE ROASTERY can be enjoyed using an espresso machine. It can even be drank along with fresh milk, as we roast our SINGLE ORIGIN beans to the optimum level that produces the real coffee bean flavor.

Colombian Supremo coffee beans produce flavors of peanuts, almonds, cocoa.

Grill stage: Medium-medium dark

All coffee beans are roasted without margarine or sugar. Coffee beans are roasted in Shah Alam, Selangor.

FINE TYPE RANGE - for the use of 'espresso' machines

RANGE OF MEDIUM TYPES - for a coffee maker like the one in the hotel

- for 'v60' / 'kalita' / 'aeropress'

- for 'french press'

- for 'cold brew'


3-5 days Delivery time to West Malaysia*

5-7 days Delivery time to East Malaysia*

*Using standard courier service


Keep in cool and dry place (room temperature)

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